Are you an active crossfitter or someone who is just starting? Do you feel that you need to get going but you don’t know what to wear?  Once you have decided where to start or which crossfit box you will join, your next step is to decide what to wear or what accessories you are going to need?  When you begin you fitness routine you want to get as much as you can out of it and you also want to get as many reps as possible when you start. Isn’t that the goal?

The creators of AmrapPro thought about the essential necessities required for the average individual who is thinking about starting crossfit or provide options to those consider crossfit veterans. A number of ideas were brainstormed for AmrapPro in order to figure out what a person would need to begin their active day, but in the process came to a realization. AmrapPro’s belief is that a person doesn’t really need much but the basic clothing and accessories that will get you going for whichever workout motivates them. 

Being active with your Fitness goals is not only a task but also an expression just as much as your apparel and accessories are an expression. The creators of AmrapPro feel you should express yourself not only in the type of crossfit workout you conduct but how the apparel you wear motivates your internal athletic performance. 

AmrapPro feels that every fitness level (beginner or pro) establishes a fitness workout in order to achieve “As Many Reps As Possible” in their own daily performance. If you think about it, your goal is to perform as best as you can, because any less is not a goal; this isn’t the AmrapPro way!!  Try your hardest and do your best!  At AmrapPro we say, “Compete Against Yourself”!!