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April 07, 2016 3 min read

How often do we find ourselves asking, “I want to start working out, but where do I begin?”; “How can I lose all this fat?”; “Which gym should I join?” or “How can I get my six-pack abs when I drink on the weekends?”  Unfortunately, there is no clear answer and there isn’t a book, that I’m aware of, which provides this information for us to have at a moment’s notice.  If there is, please tell me because I may read it or I’ll place it on a list of things I need to get to.  Honestly, I am constantly on the move, but I do try to have my downtime.

Who am I?  I’m me.  I am not a fitness expert or a health professional.  I am not proclaiming that I am a fitness guru of some sort or some major health fanatic.  I’m someone who tries to do the best that he can with what he enjoys and what makes sense for himself.   First, I hate to read books.  I never get passed the first page before I tune out and focus onto something else.  It’s possibly my self-diagnosed ADD.  I do read a lot of articles.  I tend to focus on anything that deals with eating healthy, workout routines, exercises, stretching, lifting, and I sometimes spend the occasional time “screen shopping” which is my version of window shopping. 

I’ve been working out for many years.  I have joined gym after gym.  I have played outdoor activities such as softball, kickball, or try to the do as many outdoor activities as I can such as kayaking, or biking whenever I am in the mood.  Problem is, I am not as motivated to do all of that on the weekends because I do other things throughout the week. 

For the past three years I have been cross-fitting.  Now, I am not promoting cross-fit here.  I am just saying that I have been doing it and it has worked for me.  I am not a diehard cross-fitter.  I still like to go the gym and do other things when I can.  I enjoy lifting weights, but I have my moments where I complain about myself.  Do I enjoy working out?  Most of the time I do, except for the days where I am exhausted from the craziness we call life.  Should I push myself to exercise 5 days out of an entire week?  Probably not, but it keeps me sane.  Now, I am not consistent with the 5 day routine, it’s usually an average of 4 days.

So what is the point of me writing this blog?  Well, I’m co-owner of AmrapPro.   My partner and I decided to work for ourselves and create something that we generally like to do.  I generally like to work out often.  My partner works out, but he is more of an entrepreneur in the business sense than I am.  So that’s his niche.  So we felt, why not give it a shot and take a risk?  And here we are.  We created a fitness apparel and accessories company.  Now, there isn’t much apparel because we are working on that with our own branding, but there are accessories.  And I can say that I’ve used them all.  Maybe that is something I can write about in my future blogs.

Point I wanted to make is, you don’t have to be a fitness guru, or a health fanatic.  If you are in that profession, then we have the utmost respect for you.  If you are not, than we still have the utmost respect for you!  We all make the best of our days with what we have and can obtain.  I look forward to working out because it provides me with a sense of relaxation and a major stress reliever.  Do I anticipate competing in major events?  I don’t know.  I have a bad back, and I’m not getting any younger.   Working out is a choice.  It’s my choice to have some form of healthiness because my diet is not the greatest.  It’s a work in progress.  Anyhow, how can we help those in fitness or who occasionally work out with AmrapPro?  AmrapPro is a company that wants to provide some fitness items to everyone, but of quality.  We feel we can provide products that will not only motivate you but assist you in your performance.  We try all of our items out before we place them on our site so we vouch for them.

We have a huge challenge competing with the big boys, but I think we have one thing going for us.  Motivation!!!  Our motivation comes from the challenge of creating a successful company because we know that our clients make us successful!!  Check us out on our facebook page AmrapPro or tweet us @AmrapPro!  We are always listening!